United Nations Careers. What to Begin with

We all know that candidates for a job in the UN are to possess good professional skills since the organization has all means to hire the best specialists. However, all the hard skills are good for nothing if you do not demonstrate the qualities, which are crucial for the UN, namely professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity. Besides, you should get familiar with the UN set of competencies.

There are several ways to become UN employees. In addition to regular recruitment, the organization has a few employment programs and volunteering roles.

If you have significant job experience, knowledge, and skills that allow you to compete with the best applicants, go directly to the list of open vacancies on careers.un.org. By the way, this website has a lot of information about UN principles, requirements, and compensations.

United Nations Careers

Programs for United Nations Careers

However, you can check the programs that the UN conduct regularly to find employees from the groups or countries that are poorly represented in the UN staff. If you can participate in them, the probability of getting hired will be higher than when applying for a job independently.

Young Professionals Programme

Every year the UN select the countries that don’t have enough representatives in the UN Secretariat and conduct examination there. The specialists who aren’t older than 32 years and meet all the requirements may participate in the program. In case of successful completion, they can be offered a position in the UN with the prospect of further career growth. The best part is that not sufficient or not relevant job experience is not an obstacle. However, in case the competition is high, it will be considered.

Language competitive examination

As an international organization, the UN often needs translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and reporters. Thus, the organization conducts examinations for applicants who speak at least two official UN languages. The successful applicants will be recorded in the database, and as soon as a relevant position is vacated, they will be invited to hold it. As a rule, these roles are temporary or offered under contract.

Junior Professional Officer Programme

There are certain countries-members that donate to JPO Programme, and the list of these countries differs from year to year. The UN hires young specialists from the states-donators who just graduated. These officers work as experts during a certain period, a year, as a rule. Unfortunately, they cannot expand the participation in this program into regular employment, but nothing prevents them from applying for open vacancies. Yet, after working as a UN consultant, there are better chances to start the United Nations careers.


If you haven’t managed to get employed by the UN and cannot participate in any of the mentioned programs, volunteering still remains available for you. Any professional who is older than 25 from the member countries can become a UN volunteer. Given that the volunteering also requires a high level of professionalism, skills, and knowledge, the basic requirements are the same as for the job candidates. Even though volunteering does not give a good chance to become a UN employee, it still is a great investment in your future professional development.

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