UNESCO Jobs. Start your career in the international organization

The scope of the UN is quite large, so there is a wide range of positions, each of which has its characteristics. Working in such an environment is a unique and interesting task since it allows you to gain a more complete picture of the countries and cultures of the world. There

are several main categories of staff at the UN – P-staff (professional-staff), G-staff (general-staff), NF (national professional officer), F-staff.


P-staff are the so-called international employees, who enjoy all the privileges that work at the UN gives. There are several levels of positions:

  • P-2: at least 2 years of work experience;
  • P-3: at least 5 years of work experience;
  • R-4: at least 7 years of work experience;
  • P-5: at least 10 years of work experience;
  • P6 / D-1 (directorate-staff): at least 15 years of experience (these are department directors);
  • P-7 / D-2: over 15 years of experience.

It should be borne in mind that the positions are often served by those who have much more experience than what is required.



G-staff is a local state that mainly deals with administrative affairs and technical support. There also exist its own categories, and when applying for a job, you must pass the appropriate exam.

National professional officer 

National officers are specialists, professionals, who are hired locally and work in their own country within the UN structure. There are several levels of positions:

  • NO-A – at least 1 year of work experience;
  • NO-B – at least 2 years of work experience;
  • NO-C – at least 5 years of work experience;
  • NO-D – at least 7 years of work experience;
  • NO-E – work experience over 7 years;


Field-service are those people who work in field missions, for example, in refugee camps, etc. For these positions, as well as for P-staff, international competition is announced and the best are selected. There are several levels of positions:

  • FS-4 – at least 6 years of experience;
  • FS-5 – at least 8 years of work experience;
  • FS-6 – at least 10 years of work experience;
  • FS-7 – at least 12 years of work experience.

Who can apply for UNESCO Jobs 

Requirements for potential employees vary depending on the specific field of activity. Nevertheless, there are several requirements that today can be called common to all who want to apply for UNESCO jobs.These include:

  • Higher education;
  • Work experience or internship;
  • Fluency in foreign languages;
  • Ability to work in a team and take responsibility;
  • Confident PC ownership.

UN annually needs dozens and hundreds of professional specialists in various specialties: IT, economics, law, healthcare, agriculture, engineering, construction, energy, finance, and many others. The most important factor, in this case, is professionalism. If you are a highly qualified specialist with knowledge of foreign languages, then you can rest assured that in such a huge structure as the UN you can find your application.

How to apply for UNESCO jobs

If you nevertheless decided that the promotion of sustainable development or the struggle for world peace is what you would like to do, then feel free to apply for UNESCO jobs. All information about open vacancies you can find following the link “career.un.org.”

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