UNDP vacancies. Learn how to get a job

Founded in 1966, United Nations Development Programme uses all its forces to reduce poverty, develop economies of various countries, and connect people around the world. Working for UNDP, you will probably have to travel a lot, so it will be possible to get a priceless experience and new knowledge. Applying for a job, you get a chance to work for one of the most powerful and respected organizations, so this is certainly a good chance to grow professionally and personally. Besides, the compensation for all job categories is rather competitive, so no wonder that many people are dreaming about getting a job in the organization.

UNDP vacancies: apply today

If you are sure that working for UNDP is your cup of tea, make sure you meet the requirements of the position of your choice and apply. Interested in how to do it? Let’s make it clear:

  1. UNDP’s eRecruit system in the first stage of your journey. Go through the registration (simply enter your e-mail and password)
  2. Now it’s high time to begin your search. Decide what are your top priorities and look for such offers. Remember you can filter vacancies based on several criteria.
  3. Fill in all the information required (including your certifications, training, and education). Click the “Save” button and go further.
  4. Complete job requirements (language skills, working experience, and so on)
  5. Complete the “Degrees” and “Work Experience” sections
  6. Complete the required information in the “Training and Certifications” section (be attentive, as this may increase your chances, but don’t lie, as the truth will come out in any case)
  7. The next step is “References”. Complete this one and go further.
  8. Complete your motivation statement and voila – you are ready to apply!
UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies: many offers to suit your needs

UNDP has lots to offer for people of different ages, qualifications, and interests. Be ready to move, as high-level professionals are very often required in different countries. Nevertheless, there are also many positions with no need to relocate. So, there are several programs for applicants to choose from, but make sure you meet all the requirements before applying not to waste your time for nothing, as the procedure may take some time.

  1. Staff
  2. Consultants
  3. Service Contractors
  4. United Nations Volunteers
  5. Internship programs

These categories require specific skills and working experience (but some positions do not require any working experience), so select based on your needs, qualification, and wishes. The only thing you are to have is the awareness of what you are doing and self-confidence. Everything is possible if you believe in your mission and are ready to help. Besides, it’s possible to select a job connected with your interests. There are several main fields UNDP is working at, including management, crisis response, gender equality, democratic governance and peacebuilding, climate and disaster resilience, HIV, health and development, sustainable development and poverty reduction. As you can see, your options are plentiful, so brose the official website to look through the UNDP vacancies available and select the most attractive ones.

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