UN salary scale. The main determinants of salaries at UN

Do you want to prevent environmental degradation, help poor countries grow their economies, resolve civil conflicts, or promote social justice and the redistribution of capital? You can definitely find the perfect job for you at the United Nations. The UN is a huge employer and offers career opportunities and career path choices comparable to those in large private companies. Although the struggle for most positions is quite intense, with enough training and a drop of luck, you will have a chance to get your dream job at the UN.

With a good job, you will also get a higher salary. But the UN salary scale motivates workers to develop skills and knowledge and moving up thought by wage stairs. 

How to go up by UN salary scale

UN salary scale shows how much many will workers get occupying the current post. UN has some position that is divided into a special category. For example, in case of Professional and higher categories, this position has 9 categories (Economic and social development; Information systems and communication technologies; Internet security and security; Law; Management and administration; Politics, peace, and humanitarian assistance; Public information and external relations; Logistics and transport; The science) that has own salary. Only with the help of developing own skills you can move to another level and get more money for your work. But the salary is not only connected with occupying categories but also depends on work experience. The highest salaries are received by the heads of the commissions and chairmen of the committees.

The UN offers an attractive remuneration package with competitive salaries and benefits. The income level of specialists recruited on an international basis is determined taking into account the highest salary in the national civil service.

The total amount of remuneration in the categories P-1 – P-7 / D-2 is formed taking into account three factors:

  • Base rate set on an international scale; 
  • Number of dependents;
  • Cost of living in the country of work.

The salary offered at the opening of a vacancy includes the rate and surcharge for dependents (children, etc.). It is the same regardless of which country the employee will work in. Databases of service categories and national specialists are determined on a local scale. Accordingly, in each country it is different.

UN salary scale

Additional benefits of working at the UN

For all types of employment, with the exception of internships, employees are provided with:

  • Full medical insurance;
  • Pension deductions;
  • Additional social guarantees;
  • Compensation for payment of rental housing, education of children at school, the cost of moving;
  • Allowance for difficult living conditions, if moving the family is not possible, as well as for work in especially dangerous places (plus additional days for rest);
  • Lifting, in case of a change in the country or city of service;
  • Vacation 30 days.

The schedule depends on the position, category, and office. For many specialties, business trips are provided.

How to find job at UN 

Vacancy announcements are published on the United Nation Careers portal. Applicants must apply online and wait for them to be invited to an exam, test, or test. On the main page of the site, below, there is a filter for finding jobs. In it you can fill in one or more categories and click “Search”.

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