UN jobs in Ethiopia: Internships and work at the UN

The United Nations is the largest intergovernmental organization whose main goal is to preserve peace and develop humanity. Today, the UN is not just a platform for dialogue between states to ensure interstate relations, but a platform for development assistance, including educational and career activity.

Every day, the United Nations and affiliated organizations (under the auspices of the UN) publish information on the possibility of internships, as well as on available vacancies, which include both humanitarian and technical areas.

un jobs in ethiopia

What is the difference between an internship and a job?

  • In most cases, the practice is not paid. Despite this, many organizations attract third-party financing and pay compensatory expenses sufficient to pay for accommodation and meals during the internship period.
  • The internship does not provide for continued work at the United Nations or in organizations under its auspices. At the same time, if the host organization does not establish restrictions on the possibility of applying for UN jobs in Ethiopia or the Organization under its auspices, then you can always leave an application for filling a vacant post.
  • The practice gives young people without work experience a great opportunity to gain such experience.

About work at the UN

Jobs at the United Nations are prestigious and highly paid. According to statistics, more than 200 people apply for one vacancy, and for some posts (for example, the translation buro) the competition amounts to several thousand people per place. At the same time, all work at the UN is subdivided into levels at which the requirements for applicants are determined, their wages and the complexity of labor duties are established.

Candidate Selection System

The United Nations offers UN jobs in Ethiopia and many other opportunities, but each job requires the most relevant job description. Often, many people submit more than 10-15 applications for various vacancies, however, a successful result is still not achieved. This is due to the fact that the UN uses the Inspira system, which contains an automated filing system for applications. This system selects relevant applications to vacancies and sends them to the Department, which then considers your application.


All initial positions at the UN have a requirement of fluency in one or more foreign languages. For example, if the vacancy which you would like to apply requires fluent English, but you inform that you speak the language at a confident or even basic level, then the application will not pass the filter.


Starting positions at the United Nations require between 0 and two years of work experience. The system will calculate the work experience that you specify in the application. If you are interested in coworking with other United Nations agencies, funds, and programs, you can obtain the necessary info on the respective websites. Links to most of them are on the page of the International Civil Service Commission.

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