Human Rights Watch jobs: all you need to know

The institute where the employee is required provides the work of the Permanent Coordinator, uniting various UN agencies in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its activities in the country.

Main responsibilities:

  • Provide effective support to the UNCT in the refinement and implementation of human rights and development processes and products;
  • To support the effective promotion of UN activities on human rights issues in close connection with DPI and UN focal points;
  • Contribute to the joint mobilization of resources for the implementation of the UNDAF;
  • Provide general assistance and support within the framework of the Reimbursement scheme for health care, including studies in the field of national legislation and comparative analysis with international legal standards.
human rights watch jobs


The main expert must have a higher education in the field of training (specialty) “Jurisprudence”, “Law enforcement”, “Judicial and prosecutorial activity” or any other area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining (specialty) for which the education in legislation is required. It is established that the indicated directions of training (specialties) are contained in the previous lists of professions, specialties, and directions of training.

An expert specialist must have the following professional skills:

  • planning and organizing their work;
  • preparation of statistical and reporting data;
  • the ability to properly distribute working time;
  • the ability to analyze and synthesize information;
  • preparation of management documents (official letters, reports, conclusions);
  • writing business letters;
  • business communication;
  • ability to work with legal acts (analysis, application);
  • the ability to effectively and consistently interact with other employees of the Apparatus, state authorities, local authorities of the intra-city municipalities of the city of Sevastopol, organizations and citizens on issues within its competence;
  • adapting to a new situation and applying new approaches to solving problems;
  • usage of computer and other office equipment, work with internal and peripheral devices of a computer, information, and communication networks, including the Internet.

Who can get a job at UN?

Everyone can get a job at the UN: from a student to an elderly person. There are two conditions: knowledge of English and health. However, people with disabilities are also hired by the UN on special conditions. And for those who do not speak English well, intensive professional language courses are conducted. There are several options for applying for a job: from internships and volunteering to full-time and mid-level staff. The UN does not take any payment for a job.

But, if you want to get advice from international lawyers and help with paperwork or take professional English courses, you can get paid advice or participate in a paid seminar for those who want to work at the UN or other leading international organizations in the world. And this is far from all that the most powerful non-profit organization in the world will offer you.

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