How to get a South Sudan jobs UN

For many people, the UN is some kind of a Kafka castle. Alluring, mysterious, and inaccessible. Everyone wants to get there, and someone seems to be getting there, but nobody knows exactly how to do it. Everyone heard about the very time-consuming process of filing applications, passing some kind of interviews and exams, about the long wait for an answer – for several months or even years.

Partly all of this is true. Although there are situations when a job seeker gets a job pretty quickly and without inhuman efforts. If they get lucky. Whether you accept it or not depends on many factors. Here, both your work experience and, for example, the status of your state can play a role.

Register of specialists and instructors

The UN has a base that helps the organization choose and hire a wide circle of experienced specialists from all over the world. Application is open to professionals in areas such as gender equality, economic empowerment, political participation, peace and security, HIV, and AIDS as South Sudan jobs UN. You can submit an application for review and subsequent inclusion in the registry.

south sudan jobs UN

The risks associated with working for the UN

The UN is very interested in qualified and experienced specialists in various fields who are ready to help in the fight against organized crime, terrorism, drugs, hunger, etc. The organization sets demanding tasks: monitoring drug trafficking, building links between countries for joint action against money laundering, human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, etc.

Willingness to work in places that are remote and not the most comfortable at the UN is always welcome. Fans of exoticism and altruists, who want to help starving children in Africa, as it turns out, are not so few. But not everyone clearly understands the realities of everyday life and work, say, in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, or other hot spots. Work in UN missions in disadvantaged countries and in war zones can be extremely dangerous. UN employees are intimidated, bombarded, kidnapped, killed. However, everyone knows about this from the news.

By the way, in the event of the death of an employee in the line of duty, his relatives are paid generous monetary compensation.

South Sudan jobs UN benefits

One of the reasons why many aspire to work at the UN is, of course, high salaries (8-10 thousand dollars a month on average) and social guarantees. Good health insurance, pension accruals, a flexible tax system, allowances that compensate for the cost of living in the city where you work, subsidies for renting a house (if you have to move to another region). And this is far from all that the most powerful non-profit organization in the world will offer you. If you were admitted to the UN for permanent work, then this is, in fact, a guarantee of employment for life.

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